Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Alek Quote

~Mission Titanic


  1. That moment when you realize he called them kiddos… ugh that book is seriously giving me trust issues : / jk, but oh my gosh so many double-crossers...

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  3. (deleted the first comment because I uploaded half of it by mistake XD)

    OMG. It's Alek's quote! squueeee! *fangirl scream*
    By the way, how do you imagine his voice? I imagine it like Pietro Maximoff's voice from the Avengers 2 ;v; because... Russian accent... XD

    (also, it just came to me, but did anyone notice that, Alek has a muuuch better syntax/grammar than Irina did? I mean, in the Greek version it's not evident, but in the English version I was reading every of her lines for a full minute to understand what she meant.... XD but Alek is very fluent, apparently.... I'm just curious^^; )

    1. Haha, tbh I've never really thought about it!

      Huh, I actually didn't notice that...that's interesting...

    2. XD

      *mind comes up with theories* I hope we get some info for those two (their relationship I mean) in the next books o.o