Saturday, June 6, 2015


Hello! Recently, I posted on Cara Pierce, one of the newer characters of the series. I also wanted to take a couple minutes to talk about Sammy Mourad, and some opinions/theories about him.

Now, before I get started, let me make something clear. I love Sammy. I absolutely adore him. If he and Nellie were to end up together at the end of the books, I would be one happy fangirl. But unfortunately, I have a hunch that that's not going to happen.


My first shred of an idea about why this isn't going to happen, is that there seems to be a bit of a pattern in the 39 Clues series :

In the Vesper series, we meet Evan Tolliver. A sweet, loyal, nerdy genius who is in love with Amy Cahill. He gets dragged into the Cahill world and dies because of it.

In the Unstoppable series, we meet Pony. Yet again, a sweet, loyal, nerdy genius. He has a bit of a crush on Nellie. He also gets dragged into the Cahill world, and, surprise surprise, he dies.

Now, we have Sammy. A sweet, loyal, nerdy genius. He is dating Nellie. Though he is a Cahill, he wasn't previously involved very heavily in the Cahill world. Hmm. How could this situation possibly play out...??

I swear, if he dies for no reason other than involvement, I will be ticked.


So, I really am not sure that he's going to make it. A second theory I have is that Sammy could be a mole. We already know that his godparents, the Chens, are involved with the Outcast. He hasn't been able to get in touch with his parents in quite some time. Now, it could be that they have been kidnapped by the Outcast. But it also could be that they are in league with him. If they are, Sammy could be totally oblivious to this. But again, he could be quite aware of this fact, and only be dating Nellie to get into the Cahill inner circle. Again, another situation that will thoroughly tick me off.

Either way, I really don't see much chance of survival/a happy ending for Sammy Mourad. And this honestly breaks my heart. Right now, I really love him. If he's a mole, I hope that he falls into a pit of fire or something, because Nellie does NOT deserve that. But I also don't want him to just innocently die. 

Whichever way it goes, I feel horrible for Nellie. The poor girl has spent the past what, four years, thrown into the Cahill world. She's traveled all over the world with two kids, been kidnapped, shot, and almost killed, and had to infiltrate a lab where she was almost blown up. And throughout it all, she's always stuck by her kiddos and done whatever she could to keep them safe and tried her best to give them any bit of a normal life that she possibly can. After all that, doesn't she deserve a happily ever after? It's just not fair. 

I'd really like to think that maybe Sammy will be fine. That he'll make it out alive, always sticking with the Cahills and never turning on them. But I just can't believe it. Typically, whenever a new character is brought in to this series, they're either evil or killed. That's just how it seems to go. Evan. Sinead. Erasumus. Pony. I don't sense a happy ending here either.


What do you think?


  1. Maybe he'll survive but be badly injured e.g. confined to a wheelchair, unable to hear, something like that. He just seems too sweet loyal and nerdy to be totally okay, but I'd take that as an alternative to death.

    Its really hard for me to see him as the traitor, but this series has been really unpredictable in the trust-way.

    Waaaait. Just had a really horrible thought: In Unstoppable, he gave the serum samples to Pierce. What if he knew it was Pierce, not Fiske, and that was his first attempt to bring down the Cahills. Sorry, I did NOT want to bring in that evidence, but I thought everything should be on the table.

    1. Hmm, I would honestly be totally okay with that. As long as he's not evil or dead, I'm fine with it.

      In a way it's hard for me to see it too, but I think that it has to be him or Cara, and in a way I feel like it won't be Cara because the authors can't let me be happy;)

      ....Oh my gosh. Oh. Oh no. No. No no no no no. No. Nooooooooooo.


      Agh. This has me freaking, we definitely need everything on the table at this point. But...agh. No.

    2. One thing to remember about that is that Pierce was trying to take the Cahills out; the Outcast wants to control them. So if Sammy gave him the serum, he was supporting the demise of the family and not the rising power of it. Still, its evidence that I hate.

      Back to Cara! She's the traitor. Done.

    3. OH! TRUE!! Yeah, that's it. Sammy is good. He never helped Pierce. ...I'm desperate here.

      Yep! Done deal. Evil.

  2. Yes, and now that we've clarified that, Nellie and Sammy can finish the battle, then get married and have lots of adorable nerd babies (: