Saturday, June 27, 2015


~The Dead of Night

I remember the first time that I read this, I thought way too much into it. But really, I think that after this paragraph, the authors had a great opportunity to go somewhere with this. What if Grace had been distantly related to Luna? That could be kind of cool. It also kind of makes me wonder about Grace....


  1. This.... this just killed me. I just wanted to cry, because I have read Luna is dying.

    Also, anyone thought that she could have been a double spy? Like, being a Vesper spy but a Cahill helper at the same time? (somehow like Nataliya, but more... complicated XD)

    1. Wait, Luna was dying at this point? Was she sick or something?

      Hmm, that would have been cool! I don't know, I always felt like there was more to her than meets the eye...but at the same time, didn't she kill Erasmus's mom?