Saturday, August 1, 2015


So, I decided to play the mission for Mission Hindenburg on the 39 Clues website. Basically, you were asked to try and find a hidden IP address because someone was vandalizing the Cahill Web. After following a bunch of links, you finally find the address, copy and paste it into the designated bar, and a trace was placed on the address. When the trace was almost finished, however, the Outcast stopped it at the last second. He left a message, saying something this-

Am I the only one who thinks that this sounds kind of like Cara? "Nice try, kid. Did you really think I'd make it THAT easy for you?" I don't know, that just reminds me of her. "Why are you wasting it running pointless errands for Ian Kabra?" I can just picture her saying all of that.

Plus, we were supposed to trace a hacker. Oh wait. Cara is a hacker.

What do you guys think? Am I just being overly suspicious because I'm desperate to prove that this girl is evil? Or is this a clue?


  1. We shouldn't count Cara out because of her little Ian rant in Sky On Fire, so even if you are just being suspicious it's probably a good thing. During CvV, I thought it had to be someone other than Sinead because she saved the group when they were in the DeOssi factory explosion. But it still turned out to be her, so whoever the traitor is, they'll probably going to do lots of things to throw people off.

    The hacker thing is pretty good evidence. I still have to actually think about Cara being a hacker. Like, when I think of Cara, a hacker isn't what comes to mind. When I thought of April May, that'd always be what I'd think of.

    1. I'm not counting her out, period. I will not count her as good until all of the books are published and I have no other choice. I still think that there's a definite chance that Cara is evil.

      Exactly! I NEVER think of Cara as being a hacker.