Sunday, August 2, 2015

Some More Carian Thoughts

Okay, so y'all know that I'm kind of desperate to prove that Cara is evil. Like, analyze every scene that she's ever been in and try to find something wrong with her desperate. I WILL FIND HER FLAW. 

Last night, my mom and I were talking about it, and this is kind of what we came up with- she's almost too good to be true. And if something's too good to be true, well, it usually is. I mean, let's think about it-
  • She's pretty. (A shallow reason to like her but hey, I'll include it.)
  • She's smart. (Allegedly. I'm still not convinced that she was actually April May. But that's a rant for another time.)
  • She's been in the my-parent-is-evil-I-must-change-sides situation. (Although personally, I think that for someone to date Ian, they have to at least somewhat also understand what it's like to experience so much death, and she doesn't seem to have had to deal with that.)
  • She's a fellow Cahill.
I'm sure that there are other "good points" to her as well, but considering how strongly I dislike her, that's all that I can really come up with at the moment. But if you just looked at the points above, you would probably think that she'd be a great match for Ian. Especially the fact that they both experienced similar things with their parents. I mean, it's only natural to think that.

So here's my thought- ever since she entered the series, we've read a lot about how perfect Ian and Cara are together, and the Carian moments have gotten to the point of basically being shoved in our faces. (*cough* especially MH *cough*) Typically, with other couples, it's never THAT bad. Yes, they have romantic moments. Yes, they flirt. But it's never been so painfully forced.

Maybe, just maybe, it's being pushed on us on purpose. Hoping to gain a bunch of Carian fans, so that when Cara finally switches sides, the fandom loses it. Again, this could just be my desperate hopes. Or maybe I'm on the right track. I really don't know. But I'm definitely not going to trust her. And I'm going to just keep hoping for Amian. ;)


  1. This is exactly what I've been thinking. They've never forced a ship like this (except for Jamy is DoD, but that was DoD and it doesn't count) and just the way they keep forcing it feels so purposeful.

    I honestly think that Cara is going to end up stabbing them in the back. She bothers me so freaking much and then whenever there's a Carian moment I just sit there rolling my eyes and wanting to scream at them, "YOU WERE YELLING AT EACH OTHER TWO SECONDS AGO YOU'RE SO DYSFUNCTIONAL." And honestly, I'm a pretty romantic person and I LOVE to ship people together but with them I just can't do it.

    YES! Cara doesn't understand what it feels like to lose someone to death! Normally, I'd say that it would be fine for one person to have lost people and the other to have not in a relationship, but with Ian it's different. He's can be kind of shallow, and so he doesn't have many people he cares about, and when he lost those few people, his life was totally changed. So he either needs someone who has been through that sort of thing, or someone who has a lot of sympathy and can be understanding in those situations. Can Cara do that? She pretends like she can but no she really can't.

    People in the fandom are always to me like, "If you ship Jamy then why are you against Carian? Do you just want Ian to be single and lonely his whole life?" and I feel like, NO, but I want him to be with someone who ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT HIS FEELINGS. Carians can be so frustrating. So. Frustrating.


      So do I. She is soooo annoying. When it comes to books, usually I'm shipping people like crazy, but I can't even get myself to like Carian in the least. I have a horrible feeling about her....

      E.X.A.C.T.L.Y!!!!! Like, okay, I can understand why people think that because they've both dealt with evil parents, they get each other. But look at Ian's character. If you REALLY look at it, you look for the defining point in his life- it's not his parents. It's the loss of Natalie. THAT was the biggest thing in his life, the thing that changed his life, shaped it. Yeah, defying his parents was tough- but he had Natalie. Then she died, and he truly was alone. THAT was the hardest thing he ever dealt with, and THAT is what he needs someone to understand. That's partially why I ship Amian so much, because Amy is one of the few people who can understand the feeling of everything crumbling around you when someone you love so dearly is ripped from you. If Cara were super sympathetic and sweet- MAYBE. But she's not, not at all.

      Yeah, Ian isn't a part of your main ship. But he is an IMPORTANT character, and he DESERVES someone who ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT HIM AND UNDERSTANDS HIM. UGH UGH UGH. I. HATE. CARIAN.

  2. Another thing about the parent thing-- people deal with traumatic experiences differently. Like, some people surround themselves with people, some people isolate themselves, some people get counselors, some people kind of just fall apart. My point is, people are different, and just because they've gone through the same thing doesn't mean they'll be able to help the other person get through it. Even if Cara isn't evil (which I still think she is, but if she isn't) then I still don't think they'd work out, because she deals with trauma by building a bridge and getting over it. Ian, however, just pushes it down inside himself, and it kind of eats away at him. He needs someone who can pull him out of that dark space in his mind where he puts all his troubles. So it's not Cara's fault or anything (even though I can't stand her and I'm really hoping she's the DCer, not someone I love like Hammy or Sinead) but she just isn't the girl to help him through that. If Cara isn't evil, then I hope she finds someone who is right for her, and LEAVES IAN ALONE.

    That said, I still think Cara is lying about April May, and somehow people are going to find out. In my head I see April May as this pale, dark-haired girl about nineteen or so. Not like Cara.

    Wait. Didn't they mention something about April May's estimated age being nineteen? Just like Pony? Oh, and that's another thing. If Cara was April May then she'd be pretending to like a nineteen year old when she was only sixteen. I know earlier I said I was okay with one person being younger in the relationship but with Cara and Pony? Ugh. Probably because Cara acts so immature. Sometimes I feel like she's just a rebellious thirteen-year-old trying to cause drama : /

    1. Exactly. Cara moves on. Ian just holds everything in and never deals with it, because he doesn't trust anyone enough to confide in them. Cara isn't a good enough listener/sympathetic enough to be that person that Ian can trust and confide in. They're really polar opposites, I just don't see how they could possibly work out. Ever. Ian needs someone who's right for him!!!!! It's like he just wants to be with someone SO badly, that he thinks Cara's perfect when she's not. He's blinded to her. If Cara isn't evil, like you said, she needs someone else. NOT him.

      So do I. I had honestly pictured her the same way. Quiet, dark, pale, skinny. Not a self-confident, VERY American blonde girl.

      ....Yes! I thought that they said that! I CANNOT see Cara as someone who seems nineteen. ^^^ You described her perfectly. An immature thirteen year old who's trying to stir everything up.