Wednesday, August 5, 2015

....What If?

First off, I'm not the person who actually realized this. I just saw it online, and want to get some thoughts on it.

On the cover of Mission Hurricane the lightning goes THROUGH the 39 clues logo on the front.

Historically, the only time that something punctures/messes with/changes the 39 Clues logo, it's on the last book of a series. What if- the Outcast's story finishes within Mission Hurricane? Then, the last book of all *could* be kind of like a giant epilogue, the conclusion to the entire 39 Clues series. I don't know, it's just a thought. But it would be kind of interesting. (I would probably cry through the entire book if we got a whole book of epilogue. Oh my goodness. I can't even think about it.)

Agh..Now I'm thinking about the last book. That is going to be the most emotional thing ever.... The last time that we'll ever get to see those characters. The last book to laugh at Dan and Amy's bickering, the last book of Jonah's crazy artist nature, the last book of hoping for a tiny Amian moment.

The last book.


  1. Wow…dude. Maybe that's what Sarwat Chadda was talking about when he said the last book would be different. I actually like this theory though, because T39C books are so short, there isn't really any room to do a nice, wrapped up epilogue, and I want to know what happens to ALL the characters. I have to know who Amy marries, what happens with Sinead and her brothers, if Cara gets out of Ian's life (pleeeeease), if Hamilton stays gay or realizes that he just bisexual or something, what happened to Jake's first mom, *long gasp* if Dan ever gets married!!! I HAVE TO KNOW ABOUT THAT. We've spent so long with these characters it just seems like we need to know where they go when this all ends.

    1. Whoa.....this could be really awesome. I need to find out everything that happens!!! I NEED TO KNOW HOW MY BABIES ARE!!! I only have two ideas of why this might not work-

      1. Sarwat Chadda was talking about how the 'body bags would be piling up'. I don't exactly see how that works with an epilogue. How do you kill off a bunch of people if there's no danger?

      2. The Outcast is planning four disasters. Will there just be two in this book?

      I really like the idea of an epilogue though. Either that, or making the last book absolutely gigantic and including an epilogue. *sigh* How I wish there was going to be another series..... I would love to have Jude Watson write an epilogue, that would be awesome! Although she ships Carian...

    2. I want details of EVERYONE'S lives after the fight is over. Even the ones I don't CARE care about, I still want to know. Heck, I'd even want to know what's going on with Cara. Hopefully she's spending the rest of her days in prison for hurting April May…

      Yeah, forgot about the body bag thing… Idk, he might still be writing the disaster.

      They might manage to stop the Outcast before he even does the thing for the fourth disaster. They've never done something like that before though…

      The longest 39 Clues book was Into The Gauntlet, and let me just say I've been kind of disappointed that there hasn't been a longer one since then. Like, why do they always make them the same length? The first one is longish, the second third etc. are always 190-192 and then the last one is the longest of the series. In my opinion they all should be longer, but the author's aren't taking any advice from me. Hopefully the very last one will be longer than ITTG. Or at least over 300 pages.

    3. YES. I want to know about EVERYONE, even people who I hated or just totally don't care about. I'd read a book about some random person who was only mentioned once, that's how badly I want 39C material. Hopefully Cara's future consists only of prison.

      I don't know....knowing this fandom, what appears to be a simple epilogue could end in an atomic bomb. -_-

      Hmm...that would actually be really cool!!! I've always wanted them to stop someone early.

      I don't see why these books are always so short! PLEASE, let the last book be over 300 pages. This is our LAST. BOOK. I want as much information as they can possibly give us, even if that means the book is Harry Potter-sized. I think that I would die of happiness if we got a book that long....