Saturday, August 1, 2015

Mission Hurricane Cover Info

Okay, so I've been looking around online, and when I was reading the 39 Clues message boards, I learned some information about the Mission Hurricane book cover.

Apparently, if you pre-order the ebook, you can see the cover. I haven't been able to find an actual image, but it has been described as looking similar to the cover of Day of Doom, except it is green and looks darker/more sinister.

This doesn't sound good. -_- It also supposedly features a legitimate hurricane on the front. I'm just praying that they don't go down the whole weather-machine path again. IT DOESN'T GO WELL. JUST DON'T TRY. PLEASE.

There was, at one point, an Operation Hurricane, so I'm hoping that that's what the title refers to. I can't stand another remake of Day of Doom. Please, I'm begging you. No.

Has anyone been able to find an image of the cover? If you have, please leave the link in the comments below!


  1. Well, we have to remember that the Outcast doesn't flat out tell the Cahills the disaster. "Hurricane" could play a big part in the clues they get or something. I'm just hoping hoping HOPING it isn't another DoD. The authors have to realize that they lost a huge percentage of readers because of how horrible that book was. And when you really get down to it, the characterization wasn't the absolute worst, there was action, the romance could've been ten times worse, but the big thing that made the book fail was the climax with the stupid weather machine. Plus, they shouldn't be spending multiple chapters explaining the sciences of it and how bad things will be for the world if they don't do something.

    1. True. I'm trying to run different possibilities through my mind but so far I haven't really come up with anything else. :P Yeah, I know several people who stopped reading just because those books were sooooo bad. That weather machine was just so STUPID! Ugh.