Friday, July 31, 2015

Mission Hindenburg Live Blogging- Chapters 30-34

Disclaimer: This post WILL contain spoilers. If you haven't read the book yet, you may not want to read this post. 

We'll this is it. The last four chapters. I'm both terrified and ready for it to be over because I can't handle one more Carian moment.

"He really hoped he was right. He'd hate for his last words to his big sister to have been a lie." Ouch. That hurt. A lot. 

AGH. This is so stressful. 


Sorry, but the whole, "This is our last moment, I love you," thing was kind of lame.

....Wow. The Lucian airship blew. I find it very interesting Vikram didn't want Ian on board... He said he doesn't want any harm to come to Ian. Wow. 

Oh my gosh. IS THE OUTCAST TRYING TO MAKE THE SERUM TOO??? "One gram melted amber." If he is, he's a lot stupider than I thought. 


I loved when Amy called the Outcast! It was super intense and awesome. Go, Amy!

YES! I knew Nathaniel was alive. This will be interesting. 

I loved the letter from Irina in the back of the book. Gosh, I miss her. 

Well, I finished the book! I'm going to have a lot of posting to do on this.....


  1. That line. Knife in heart.

    I thought the last-minute I love you thing was twenty times better than the DoD one (which went on for literally three chapters) but they could've used less cliche phrases. "I trust you" Okay, good to know that when we get blown up and vaporized you will still trust my judgment. "I trust you" just didn't seem like the right phrase to use.

    I actually really liked that they failed to stop a disaster. Everyone has failures, and I liked how realistic that made it.

    I cringed when I saw that the Outcast was holding the amber. I'm really tired of the villains using the serum. By this time, people need to get it through their heads that the serum is bad. I'm hoping he's not just planning to drink it. Thankfully, the Outcast has been a great villain and I don't see him doing something that stupid.


    I loved the last chapter sooo much. Maybe it was the fact that it was like twelve o'clock and I'm still sick and getting tired really quickly, but it was SO INTENSE. If only Jake could see Amy now… I'm so excited for what she's going to do next.

    I hope we get to learn more about Nikolai since this series seems to have a lot to do with the Spaskys. Not sure if Irina was married or not (did they mention that in the first series?) but maybe Nikolai's dad is still alive?

    1. It hurt!!!! Gah!!!

      Yeah, it was definitely better than DoD, but then again, that's not saying much. Last thing you're ever going to say to someone, and you say, 'I trust you." ? Like, Amy told Dan that she loved him, but that was about it. I always feel like scenes like that are such lost opportunities. They could do something really emotional and heartwrenching and they do that. Okay.

      Yeah, that really was kind of cool!

      UGH. I am so sick of that stupid serum!!! I really like the Outcast so far, so I'm hoping that he doesn't go down that dumb old path.


      Yeah, that was pretty fabulous. I loved the intensity of it!!! Ahhh. I love intense scenes. So am I!

      That would be awesome!!! Hm, I don't remember a husband right off, no. She said something along the lines of "someone had called her beautiful, once, long ago." Although that could have been Nikolai just telling his mom how beautiful she was. In the back of my mind, I was kind of hoping that by some miracle Irina was still alive. I knew it was far fetched but hey, a girl can dream! I also accidentally saw that the letter at the end of the book was signed "Irina", and that totally freaked me out.

      So, overall, what did you think of this book? I'm still kind of reeling, trying to wrap my head around it. It really wasn't my favorite.

    2. First series: Oh my gosh, the serum! This is getting so intense!
      Second series: Wow, Isabel actually drank it. Eeesh, that didn't go well.
      Third series: The serum again? This isn't going to go down well for Pierce….or Amy. Great move, Amy
      Fourth series: Get that amber out of this book, we all know what it means and NONE OF US ARE HAPPY ABOUT IT.
      I know the serum is the root of the Cahill family but I'm so tired of it.

      DoD's was almost insufferable. I usually read T39C books word for word but I was so tempted to skip when I started reading that garbage. When an author has a moment that's so critical for the characters, they should USE IT. Like, make it more emotional than a few, "I love you"s.

      Okay this ^^^ brought up a point in my head that'll help the Not-Carian ship: If they really thought this was their last chance of seeing each other, don't you think that Cara would try to say how she felt about Ian? Amy told Dan that she loved him, but Cara didn't say anything like that to Ian. The time where she was talking about how she felt with Ian was when she was talking to Eriele. What if the Outcast refused to tell Cara the disaster and the details of it, to ensure she couldn't be of any help to them next time, and so Cara didn't know which ship was going to explode. And since Cara was angry with the Outcast for not telling her, she started going off about Ian to get Eriele annoyed, because then maybe Cara could buy enough time to land the airship, just to get back at the Outcast.

      The theory doesn't make all that much sense yet, but it just seemed weird that at what could be their last moment all she said was "I trust you." I mean, when Amy was dying she started telling Jake that she cared about him, even though she was trying to fly a plane at the same time. (Sorry, had to throw Jamy into it somehow)

      And honestly, what it making Amy like Cara? I've yet to see any traits in Cara that Amy would approve of. While Cara's smart, she isn't the same kind of smart as Amy is, so I'm not quite sure where the whole, "She was really starting to like that girl" came from

      Well, whether Irina was married or not, Nikolai has to have a dad somewhere, so maybe they'll play a part in the next books? I'm sure Katja would like that.

      I'm also still reeling a little. I don't trust myself after I said I loved DoD the day after reading it. It was better than I expected, which was good. Whenever I skimmed through the book I'd see a ton of numbers like 20,0000 feet or whatever and that kind of turned me off because I wasn't reading the book to read about a bunch of numbers, but after reading the whole thing I understood what the numbers meant and that made it better. My favorite characters weren't in it at all, and while I was kind of expecting that, it still wasn't fun. Jake and Atticus have to at least be mentioned at the very end, because everyone's going to want to know what happens with Jake and Atticus in the epilogue I'm hoping there'll be. But with Sinead, I'm not sure if I'll ever see her again, and I'm not ready to let the Starlings go ) : The Hamilton thing and the Nellie/Sammy thing made me angry. Those were my two biggest problems with the book. Okay, I've written a lot, I need to shut up now: Overall, it wasn't as good as MT, but still I thought it was decent action and pacing-wise. London just needed to stop messing with Carian and making senseless and sloppy choices.

    3. Hahaha, exactly! Like, okay, at first, the serum was really cool. I thought that it was an awesome idea, and I wanted to learn more about it and see just how destructive it truly was. But by now, it's just SO OVERDONE, that I think the entire fandom is probably pretty sick of it.

      Yes!! That would have been a really good moment to use with saying some much more emotional things than just, "I trust you, I love you. Yay. We're going to die now."

      Yeah, good point. I like that! You'd think that if she truly cared about him, she would have said so. I mean, possibly their last moments together, you'd think it's a good time to say "hey, so, I know that half of the time I make fun of you and mock your leadership, but I actually really like you. A lot." It's just weird. I'm not exactly sure about the part with the Outcast, but I just still feel like something's up with that chick.

      I don't know!!! Ugh. I honestly feel like London is kind of pulling a Baldacci on us. SO MUCH DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.

      That would be really cool. Haha yes, Katja would be thrilled!

      I don't trust myself either. Yeah, I know you would be disappointed by the fact that Jake and Att are still missing. And what happened to Fiske?? He wasn't mentioned at all in this book either. I'm very upset about the Hamilton thing and the Nellie/Sammy thing. And I'm still ticked about how much Carian he kept shoving in our faces. There were parts of it that were pretty good though. (Can we just have a moment of appreciation for Jonah and his miming? XD ) It's kind of a half good/half bad book.

    4. Yeah, I'm not totally sure about the Outcast thing that I wrote either. I'm just trying to twist Cara's actions into something traitorous now : /. But if Cara actually cared about him, she'd probably get emotional about things! I think at that part London was scared that people'd complain that the characters were too dramatic or whatever if he didn't make it short. But honestly, there was a huge margin for drama there.

      Oh my gosh, I completely forgot about Fiske! Ugh. I guess he's still partying it up as El Coyote? Even though he's elderly at this point, you'd think he'd be doing SOMETHING to help. Like, maybe with Nellie and Sammy or something else from the sidelines. Yes, so annoyed by all that. London took some privileges with the Hamilton thing, I'll just say that. Plus, I just wanted to add- that one girl Katlyn? She annoyed me. So freaking much. I'm not sure what it was, but she annoyed me even more than Eriele. The book was very much a half good/half bad book. Let's shoot for all good next time, okay Jenny Goebel?

    5. Yeah, I think we're both at the point that we just want her evil no matter what and no matter how XD Exactly!!! There should have been more drama. And I just realllllly don't think she actually cares about him.

      I miss him! Agh. Gosh I miss him. He's one of my favorites. HE WOULDN'T JUST SIT AROUND DOING NOTHING. THAT'S NOT HOW FISKE CAHILL WORKS. Ugh. Oh yes, he most certainly did. -_- Katlyn! Agh! She was soooo annoying. I agree, she was worse than Eriele. Well, almost. (*mutters* SHE didn't flirt with Ian.) Yep, it was pretty much 50/50. Come on, Jenny!!!!!