Friday, July 31, 2015

Mission Hindenburg Live Blogging- Chapters 16-19

Disclaimer: This post WILL contain spoilers. If you haven't read the book yet, you may not want to read this post. 

Oh my gosh, Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton....he's not always the brightest. XD When he attacked the guy and threw his plastic trays out the window, I was laughing sooooo hard!!!! Hamilton also realized that Toby Griffin was on the ship-yet another Outcast ally. 

Meanwhile, Amy is on board the MIT ship. Did anyone else notice that the stutter made a comeback? Ah, first series...

Hmm, a new girl. Eriele. I'm not sure what to think. Let's face it, there's probably a 95% chance she's evil...

Hahaha, apparently Hamilton throwing the trays out the window made all of the ships come back to earth. Only a Holt.... XD


I loved Nellie and Alek's argument about Irina. It was seriously awesome.

Wow. Reading Grace's kill order was intense. But it definitely didn't seem like she killed him just because he wanted a divorce. "N.H. has become a threat to more than just the tranquility of my home." "This is the hardest order I have ever given." Obviously he did something else. I also find it interesting that Irina and Alek's dad apparently killed him. I wonder if he's even more involved? 

I'm still wondering if Nathaniel is alive. And I also find it horrible that no one stood up for Vladimir Spasky- although maybe he did more evil than I'm currently aware..

I find it interesting that Alek didn't just shoot them, he instead left this with the possibility of getting free. Maybe there's more of his sister in him than I thought? Fingers crossed they both make it out.

Oh my gosh, can't bribe police!!! So smart, yet so, so dumb...

I find it hilarious that they're just letting Ham go to jail XD

They got another text from the outcast- a poem with the line 'a boy falling out of the sky'. Dan still wasn't back. 

This is interesting! The parts with Nellie and Sammy are definitely my favorites. Now I need to know- what happened to Dan???


  1. We needed some Holt stupidity thrown in there ( : It was SO great when Ian tried to bribe the police, and then they all eventually just gave up. Plus, I loved how Toby Griffon mouthed "Thank you" to Hamilton. It was a great touch.

    Yes, the file and Vladimir and everything about that scene was sooo intense! And I want to know more about Vladimir and what he did and why no one came for him.

    I loved how they did the "boy falling from the sky" thing. Greek mythology has never been my thing exactly, but the story of Daedalus and Icarus is really cool and I love how much it comes into this book.

    1. Holt stupidity is seriously the best. That whole chapter was just really funny. XD


      That part was awesome. I'm not really into Greek mythology either, but the story of Icarus has always been interesting. When I was little it totally horrified me haha!