Friday, July 31, 2015

Mission Hindenburg Live Blogging- Chapters 7-10

Disclaimer: This post WILL contain spoilers. If you haven't read the book yet, you may not want to read this post. 

These chapters were pretty good! Here are my thoughts throughout the reading-

*sigh* It was so sad when Ian was reminiscing about Natalie. I wish that she hadn't died....


...then he started thinking about Cara. -_-

WHAT THE HECK NELLIE IS BACK AND SHE'S FINE??? WHAT??? I mean I'm of course thrilled but WHAT???? There's no reference to what happened? If this isn't cleared up later, I'm going to be ticked. 

Apparently Vikram Kabra is involved with the airship competition. Surprise surprise, he's involved. I'm actually interested to read more about him, he's never really been mentioned much. 

SALADIN'S OKAY!!! YES!!!!! I'm so happy to read that. I was worried the Outcast would kill him. Hey, at least he's alive for now! And he's feeding him and everything, even if it's not red snapper. 

Alek has been assigned to go to Moscow to get rid of Nellie and Sammy. He apparently wants to avenge the death of his sister, Irina. 

It was kind of funny to see Dan get all nerdy-excited about space travel. He's getting more and more like his sister! XD

The Cahills have a theory that one of the spaceships is going to blow up- whichever one flies closest to the sun. The one closest to the sun would be the winning ship, so the ship that they're looking for would have to be the only one that isn't sabotaged. 

Aaaaaand, Ian's flipping out, surprise surprise. Amy isn't the type to blindly follow orders, and that's driving him crazy. Big shock there. XD

Seeing Ian flip was really funny, but it was kind of sad at the same time. He's under a to of pressure, and he's trying to do what he thinks is right. 

"As they stepped from the plane and piled into the limousine, he quietly feared he had just ordered at least one of them to step on board a flying bomb. If things went wrong, the death of one of his only friends would be on his hands."

THAT IS SO SAD!! Gah. It seriously kills me. 

Time to read again! Another post will be coming soon:)


  1. After reading these chapters, it was so hard to put the book down!!

    Okay, yes. Probably my biggest problem with the book was HOW DID NELLIE AND SAMMY GET OUT OF MABEL'S HOUSE. Tiny spoiler……………

    London NEVER mentions it. It almost felt like I'd missed a book. Like, this book was the SECOND book, right? The one that came AFTER MISSION TITANIC. To me, it just seemed really unprofessional and sloppy the way he handled it. And what the heck, giving them a cool escape scene would've been so fun to write, wouldn't it?

    Yes, Vikram's here ( :

    Ian's freak outs came at really unexpected times for me. I'd just be like, "Okay, giving orders, Amy's questioning one thing, trying to explain, oh my gosh, okay now we're yelling at each other how'd that happen." But I guess that's just what the pressure does to you.

    1. I know!!! I keep stopping to blog, but I just want to read and read. I guess blogging is good off me, it helps me to read slower! XD

      SERIOUSLY??? But-but- ugh. That would have been such a great scene! That feels super sloppy....gosh. That bothers me.

      Haha, he just totally snaps!!!! Which, I suppose is realistic. It gets kind of confusing though. Seriously Ian, chill!!!