Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Lovely Rant


So, I happened upon this online, and thought it was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for my feelings on different ships. So go ahead and read this lovely rant!
What do you think?


  1. I get what this person means but it kind of bugs me when people do polls for which ship is the best and then expect the authors to follow those. Yeah there are some things we don't like about the series but the authors are the ones writing it and if they let the fans dictate how they write then theres not much point of them writing at all.
    Just my opinion as an aspiring author. Writing for 39 clues would be SO much pressure.

    1. Oh gosh, I couldn't handle the pressure either. I agree about the polls. At the same time though it does kind of strike me as odd that you would continue with a ship that most people don't like, to put it mildly,

    2. I want a new girl to come in… A girl that everyone respects and Ian likes a lot and a girl who at least tries to understand him instead of calling him an egomaniac 24/7.

      And what the heck, she should be a brunette.

    3. Its like if I told you to stop doing posts with Ian in it because I didn't like him (not true). You'd probably be like, "um, get off this page and don't tell me what to do" because YOU are the author, not the people you comment on your stuff.

      One thing I will say though is I'm glad the girl who wrote this said she wouldn't stop reading the series. There was this one girl on the MB who said she was going to boycott the series until Amian became a thing. I thought that was ridiculous.

    4. Yes. So. Much. Yes. That would just be perfect. Cara's not perfect for him. And honestly, neither is Amy. We need someone else..

      True, that's a good point..

      That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Yeah, I wish Amian would happen too, but I'd never stop reading because it doesn't happen! There are other aspects to the story besides romance! Gosh.

    5. Someone else said "Come on, don't boycott a quality series just because of Amian" and then she was like, "Don't you understand? Amian IS the series!"

      This is why I don't have an MB. So I won't have the option to tell people like that off.

    6. .......well. Ugh. It's people like that who make me feel bad to be an Amian..

    7. Haha there are pretty crazy jamys too. Theres less of us though, so they're harder to find.
      Yeah, people like that bother me. Maybe they should boycott the series so we don't have to deal with them.

    8. Fans are crazy in general..
      True. In that case, feel free to boycott, people!!

    9. The people who write PG13 fanfics should boycott. Some of the things they write… ehhh.

      I left a comment on the Amian post. I don't know is you saw that (:

    10. Ugh, just ugh.

      Oh wow, I missed that. Sorry!

    11. I read Fanfiction for a while because I was curious about what people had to say about the series, but most of it was ehhh and completely inaccurate, so I stopped.

      *Sorry if I offended anyone who read this and also writes Fanfiction. Not saying what you write is bad too*

    12. I really never even bothered. It was just too strange.

    13. Sometimes I want to throw a dictionary at their faces because they CAN'T SPELL FOR THE LIFE OF THEM. Spelling errors to me are one of the most annoying things I'll ever encounter.

      And yeah, they can be really bizarre. There was this one were Sinead got pregnant but apparently she was a werewolf so the baby had fangs and hamilton was like "THIS ISN'T MY DAUGHTER!" I started laughing because it was so completely ridiculous. Wow that was random sorry...

    14. Yeah… so I don't read those anymore (: